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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yangshuo guide

Yangshuo is a little town (200 thousand people), one hour far away from Guilin. Maybe, it´s one of the things that we liked more. Yangshuo is near Yulong and Li rivers, and the landscapes there are incredible. You will remember that all your life.


In Yangshuo there is not railway station. However a lot of buses and microbuses arrive to the city everytime. Maybe the easiest way to reach Yangshuo is go to Guilin first, and then, from there, go to Yangshuo by bus (1 USD single trip). The trip is around 1 hour of duration and also there are buses each hour every day.


This is the most important thing when you arrive here. This is a place to enjoy, to relax and to experience the rural ambient. Stress is not alloweb here.

In any hotel or travel agency you could book tours. We recommend:

- RAFTING: In the Yulong river. It cost about 10 USD, and you can sail during 3 hours in a little boat made of bambu wood, and commanded by a very nice chinese guy. Landscapes are incredible. You can see tipycal chinese round mountains covered of trees. Also you can jump to the water and swim if you like. One of the best things we have did in China.

- BIKE RIDING: It cost about 3 or 5 USD. You can rent a bike and ride around the city, take photos, watch the landscape. Very recommended

- CAVES VISIT: Very interesting. In one of them, there is a natural swimming pool made of mud. In there you can "figth" with yours friends. Very funny.

- RICE FIELD: We didn´t go there, but we could view a lot of pictures of this places and they looks like very beautiful. Rice fields in the mountains are a very spectacular landscape.


There is a lot of places to eat. In the main street, near small square there is a kindof market with tables. You can sit there and eat tipycal Yangshuo food. It´s very cheap, but be careful, it´s possible chinese people show you the animals alive before you eat them. If you chose one, then they kill it for your dish.


Market are the best thing to see. Food market in the mornings or clothes and antiques market in the afternoon. It´s incredible. You can see people selling products at 4 am in the morning. There is a very funny ambient, and at night there is a lot of bars and pubs for occidental people (and for chinese people too) near international youth hostels.

In short, it´s one of the most beautiful cities we have been, and we recommend it very much. Very Much better than Guilin, less people and more relaxing.

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