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Thursday, November 03, 2005

HongKong guide

HongKong was the first city we visited. We were impressed by it, but it's important to say that HongKong is not China. It is not only because of its modern way of life, occidental (expensive) prices, the culture is different, more developed...and people in HongKong use occidental WCs instead of holes in the ground!. A totally recommended city to visit, to see incredible skycrapers, neon ligths in everyplaces, infinite shops and impossible markets...


The view from HongKong island to Kowlon (is the peninsula opposite HongKong) is really incredible, and one of the things we liked most. In Kowlon there are some of the tallest skycrapers in the world. Bank on china tower for example. Also you can view the China stars avenue (like in Hollywood), with Jackie Chan hands marked in the ground.

Food markets are another "must to see" places. There you can see some extrages fruits, like dragon fruit or love fruit.

A curious sensation when you arrive to HongKong is the incredible wet and hot weather. The temperature reach more than 40ºC degrees (and we thing a 200% of humidity), and you are always sweating. This fact, and the millions of air conditioned machines wich are installed in all the buildings and throw all the hot air to the street make an oven in HongKong.

Also, there is another strange thing. The rare smell in the streets. You can go walking around HongKong and then you smell cooked dog, or vomits, or rotten potatoes, perfum...In short: very curious.

The subway is another place you have to view if you go to HongKong. They have a special system to avoid people suicide. It is an unbreakable transparent glass panel, but with gates. Then when the train arrive to the station, the gates are openened at the same time that the subway doors.

And now, the most important thing. You must see the incredible views of the city, with the skyscrapers shining at night from Victoria peak. One of the most spectacular views in the world from my point of view. To go to the peak you have to go by funicular.


Yo have to know, HongKong is not China. You don't need visa to enter if you live in the European Union. But if you want to enter in China again, after you exit the main land, you need a two entries visit visa.

We arrive to HongKong, by plane from Shanghai (about 150 euros), because fast trains from Shanghai, and from Beijing only departs each two days, and takes 1 day to arrive HongKong. It costs about 50 euros and itś very dificult to book tickets because a lot of people travel in these lines. It is necessaty to book 3 or 4 days in advance.

If you want to visit a not so far destination. The best way is to go to Guangzhou, a city with 10 million people. Ticket costs about 20 euros, and the trip takes about 2 hours. From Guangzhou there is no problem to reach any destination in China.

If you want to see pictures here

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