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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Beijing guide

Beijing and Shanghai are the most western citis of China. In spite of his modernity, Beijing conserves much of China authenty. Although it has been very rebuilding because of the olimpic games with wide avenues, Beijing does not stop being the center of China, and for that reason it has places you do not have to lose visiting.


We were four days there. What you do not have to visit is Tianannmen square. Greatest square in the world wich is in downtown. You don´t have to pay to visit, but it is a good idea remaining taking a walk awhile that way. Alongside it is the Forbidden city, another obligatory visit. In the past, the price to enter was the life. Now, it is only necessary to pay about 3 euros to enter. It was the residence of the emperor, and one of the prettiest things you can see in China. Between these two places you can spend two days.

Of course, you also have the great wall. Here already you can spend a whole day visiting some of the ruins of the Great wall existing near Beijing. We recommend Simatai, as you can see in locuraChina , but you can see more tourist others. There are tours by about 10 euros in any hotel or tour agency.

El palacio de verano es otra buena excursion. Está a las afueras y era la residencia del emperador. Los Hutongs, barrios chinos con casas típicas también es otra visita que no te puedes perder. Y la calle principal de compras, la WangFujing, muy cerca de la plaza de Tiannamen, es muy recomendable....

Summer palace is another good tour. It is in the outskirts and it was the residence of the emperor. The Hutongs, Chinese districts wiyh typical houses is also another visit that you cannot lost. And the main street of purchases, the WangFujing, closely together of Tiannamen square, is very recommendable....

About this destinations, you can see the commentaries of Lonely planet, but of course, the named ones previously are essential. Before continuing extending information we are going to leave photos of some emblematic places.


We believe the most important issue is to look for a centric site. In Quianmen area and the street that lowers from here in South direction there is a good handful of quite decent sites. The displacements are very important in this city, since it could take much time. For that reason a centric zone or with subway surrounds is better. It is true taxis are cheap, but sometimes it take too much time to arrive or finish being more expensive than the subway.

We recommend Leo Hostel. Located in this zone. It is where we lodged. For 15 euros you have a complete double room, with conditioned air (very important in summer).
Prices in Beijing are the highest of China (with Shanghai).

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Tiannanmen square and the Forbidden city
Summer palace
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