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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chinese money: Yuan

Much people ask themselves about the Chinese currency when they want to travel there. We told you: Chinese currency is the Yuan. At the moment the relation is 1 USD = 9 yuanes. For more information, better to verify it in this Web updated in real time: Yuan exchange.

Maybe you are thinking to go to the bank in your residence country to change your money to Yuans and carry them to China, but it is not possible (At least in Europe). No European bank allows to change Euros in Yuanes. So we have two possibilities.

- To take euros/USD and to change them in China: Several offices of currency exchange in the airports and great cities exist. They receive a variable commission.

- To take a debit or credit card and to remove money from the cash machine: There is no problem, although not all the cash machines will accept your card. Bank of Chinese and some more have branches by all the cities of China, and you will be able to get your money with masterd card or Visa with a commission from approximately 4 euros in each operation.

The limit often of Yuanes which you can remove in a single operation is of 2000 yuanes in the cash machine. If there are problems in finding tellers or exchanging, it is preferable to take always an acceptable amount of yuanes that allows us to travel without nerves. Sometimes it is difficult to find a cash machine wich accepts Visa in small cities.

The payment with card in the commerce is not as common as in Europe. Only in the great cities as Beijing or Shanghai is more extended. Chinese Yuan, is divided in 10 jiaos. Coins also exist. From 1 they yuan to 1 jiao. In the countryside we have never seen use coins, instead of tickets. The greatest ticket, is the one of 50 yuans. It is Better to only pay with these tickets when we do not have change in great commerce, because people distrust of great tickets due to the amount of falsifications that exist. You do not to feel strange if whenever you pay with 50 or 20 yuanes, people examines it until the limit, to know if it is or not false.

Next imagenes of yuanes.

1 yuan

1 yuan.


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